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My name is Amanda SheridanMy name is Amanda Sheridan, and I am the webmaster/editor of Ladies Slots, the first online woman’s magazine for players.

I designed Ladies Slots because I believe there is a need to provide women online casino players with as much useful information on gaming as possible. Ladies Slots has articles and casino facts that will serve as your guide to find the right online casino; the best slots; promotions; and bonuses for your gaming pleasure.

As you may have seen on Facebook or Google +, I am hosting a contest in which you can select a slot game from my site, write a review, and win a cash prize. I do hope you enter!

At Ladies Slots, I take great pride in the fact I can offer you a comprehensive and informative site that affords you not only equal status as a woman gambler, but treats you with the respect you deserve.

I invite you to bookmark Ladies Slots and check it as often as you can. There is a great deal going on in the online casino world, and I strive to bring you the latest news so that there is no second-guessing.

Knowledge is power; and Ladies Slots is all about empowering you to be successful at whatever endeavor you choose – online casino gambling included!

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