How to Make the Most of the Various Types of Casino Bonuses

The great thing about gambling online is that no matter where you go, as a new player you always get a great bonus to start. The reason behind offering new players a bonus is to give you as accurate an experience of the casino as possible. Of course as a potential player you want to get the most out of your casino experience too and since this new player bonus comes once only, knowing the facts will help you to decide the best bonus for you.

Free spins on a specific game

Recently many of the online casinos have decided that instead of giving you the free cash that it may be better to offer spins. This way you are guaranteed to get a certain amount of spins and time on the game. The games setting are adjusted in such a way so that you can get the most out of your initial experience and once you are done you actually have cash at the end of it. So now you even have more cash to throw at the machine and chance your luck at maybe a large win! The winnings from the free spins cannot be cashed out; these winning invariably have wager requirements attached.

Small no deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is great, they vary from $10 to $25 and some have even been known to offer $50 for limited periods. A no deposit bonus is just that, you are able to receive it without having to make any obligation to the casino. Since this is cash and can be turned into even more cash the casinos are very strict on ensuring that only one of these is awarded to each player. With these types of bonuses you can choose any game and make any size bet. The only thing you can't do with this free cash is withdraw it before you have played it through enough times.

Free time

Free time, usually an hour free or 30 minutes free is accompanied by a large amount of cash. At first it looks like cash but in reality it is a starting balance. The idea is to use the cash to make a profit in the allocated time. The more cash you have and the more free time at the machines, the easier it is to make that profit. Eventually either your time or your cash will run out. Now that you have had a chance to prove to yourself that this casino has great odds you can take the winnings off your starting balance by making a deposit. Just check, some of the casinos even offer a match on top of the winnings when you make a deposit!

Match bonus

A match bonus is just that, what you deposit, the casino matches. For new players the deposit is usually matched 100%, so what you put in the casino puts in. or in the case of a 200% match bonus, the casino will put in twice what you did. That is actually three times your original deposit to play with. This free cash does not come without a price but for those who know what they are doing the benefits far outweigh the pre-cash-in conditions.

Tiered bonus

A tiered bonus usually works on a set of deposits. Some casinos will match your first 3 or even as many as 5 deposits by varying percentages. Some of them add in other small incentives for playing by throwing in free spins. These are usually advertised as large sums of money and can get confused with the free time bonuses.

Each bonus has a different set of pro's and cons attached to them and once you have decided the most attractive be sure to make the most of it.