Lucky 7’s Slots

The number 7 is said to be the luckiest number on earth. In fact, try walking around in any business center and you'll see people decking their businesses with 7's and even going so far as to put it in their store's names. With so many people believing that the number 7 is lucky, then there must be something to it.

So why don't you see if this number is lucky for you or not? Download and play Lucky 7's Slots now and make this number is lucky for you!

The theme of the Lucky 7's Slots Machine is the number 7. Everywhere in this game, you'll see the number 7. There are 7 reels, and 7 pay lines. In fact, even its symbols are based on the number 7, with seven gold bars, seven casino chips, seven bingo balls, and of course, the Lucky 7's Logo itself. Graphics are pretty good, and the animation is always smooth. It's a perfect game for beginners, because despite the fact that 7 pay lines and 7 reels is a very uncommon and unique combination when it comes to Slots Machines, Lucky 7's actually has a pretty simple interface with very simple rules.

How to Play the Game

One thing that's pretty great about this Slots Machine is that the number of symbols makes it pretty easy to form a winning combination. If you count the number of symbols, you'll only find six different symbols, which makes it pretty easy to make a winning combination. And with thirty winning combinations in all, you're sure to get at least small wins at most spins. Even if you get just three symbols, you'll already win a decent payout.

Again, when it comes to betting, Lucky 7's Slots is all about 7s. For example, you can get the reels spinning for as low as 7 cents or you can bet maximum by using 7 $10 coins, which give you a maximum bet of $70.

Since this game has no bonus features like a wild symbol or a scatter symbol, the only symbol you really need to watch out for is the Lucky 7's Logo. Seven of these logos will automatically award you the 2500 jackpot.

Where to Play the Game

If you're looking for a place to play this game, you should try Liberty Slots Casino. Liberty Slots Casino offers the best bonuses and the best service.