US Largest Casino Company

Even during all of the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, a merger between two of the largest casino names in the industry still made it. This merger made these casinos turn into the largest casino operator and company in the United States. This was a big move, and one that the operators are hoping will bring better financial gain in the industry.

Two Becoming One

Eldorado Resorts and Caesar's Entertainment were the two casinos that made the merger happen. Eldorado is now known as part of Caesar's Entertainment. There are several casinos located across the US. These all are now branded under the Caesar's Entertainment name, offering the best that Caesar's has to offer to their players.

The two casinos took part in a bigger $8.58 billion cash and stock deal to bring the deal together and bridge the gap between the two. This is something that everyone did not see coming because of the pandemic happening. The merger was not expected to go through so soon. This was due to the times' uncertainty and the funds necessary to close the deal between the two.

Is Eldorado Still in the Picture?

Eldorado still owns 54% of its shares in the company and continues to be actively part of the casino floors. They kept working at the casinos and ensured that employees and players would have the same type of experience, but hopefully, better for everyone.

Some of the casinos that have merged may or may not be open due to the Covid 19 restrictions for the cities and states that these casinos are operating in. However, the casinos both could make this happen and continue to open in those areas where it is allowed. Many people have been and are looking forward to when it comes to casinos throughout the country.

Operating in many of the states, the company currently owns over 50 properties. They continue to update, upgrade, and add more properties to their list of properties owned.