Black Lotus Casino Invitation Code

All kinds of intriguing bonus features from the excellent games of Saucify, Rival, and Betsoft coupled with the massive collection of promotions will inspire bettors who join Black Lotus to prolong their thriving membership as much as possible. Even though the site offers players many promotions and picking the best one is admittedly an impossible task, many online gamblers will likely prefer to activate the no deposit bonuses first.

Using Black Lotus' No Deposit Bonuses to Your Advantage

The main advantage of free promotions or prizes is that players can acquire them without depositing. Members still need to keep in mind that withdrawing money without making an installment is impossible. The wagering condition for all no deposit offers is 60 times. The maximum withdrawal amount for no deposit prizes is 150 dollars.

Acquiring the Site's Beneficial Free Prizes

Most of the promotions at Black Lotus need a deposit to deliver the bonus amount. A few promotions, tournaments, and prize pools can provide no deposit prizes. One such offer is the Island Fiesta. The code for it is FIESTA48, and the initial award is 48 free spins.

The bonus also allows bettors to get a hold of six 2000-dollar rewards. Black Lotus' Leaderboard Tournament delivers the site's most significant no deposit rewards. The winner will receive 5900 dollars in cash and the runner-up - 4300 dollars in bonus cash. The collective prize pool of the entire event is 35 000 dollars.

Winning Free Spins and Earning A Lot of Bonus Cash for the Price of a Small Deposit

Black Lotus can provide its members with an astonishing number of free spins, but unfortunately, all promotions have a depositing requirement. ISLAND25 awards 25 free spins, ISLAND20 grants 20 free spins, ISLAND28 brings 28 spins, and ISLAND53 delivers 53 spins. A couple of other bonus codes that grant free spin prizes are WINITALL58 (58 spins) and WINITALL (54 spins). PRICEDROP52 gives 52 free spins.

A similarly massive number of match bonus promotions awards plenty of bonus cash. The Payday Payout can provide members with as much as 3250 dollars. The Island Fiesta also offers match bonuses; collectively, they can give out over 6000 dollars. The Playathon Mode promotions can deliver 3200 dollars more. The above-mentioned free spin promotions do not require a deposit, but they are all a part of promotions that require an installment. Ultimately, the site's depositing promotions are much more accessible than the no deposit ones, and players need to decide which choice would be best for them.