Chumba Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Chumba Casino

Chumba is a social casino that is free to play, meaning that members can't lose their money betting and can't win any actual earnings. Players who sign up on the site can place real money wagers on the games of Revolver, ReelPlay, and Merkur. Members can play using two types of exclusive site currencies - Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, the latter having the ability to produce actual profits. Players can redeem 1 Sweeps Coin for 1 dollar of real money, meaning that the minimum amount they can receive from one trade is 100 dollars.

A Beneficial Starting Offer Delivering Plenty of Coins

The maximum amount for New York and Florida is 5000 dollars and 10 000 dollars for all other locations. Only US and Canada players can gain actual withdrawable profits by trading Sweeps Coins for cash. Players will start their journey on the site with the help of a comfortable no deposit promotion, which delivers two million Gold Coins and two Sweeps Coins.

Facebook and Random Surprise Promotions Gift Sweeps Coins

The minimum number of Sweeps Coins that players can redeem is 100, so getting real cash will take some time. The site's Facebook page offers regular Sweeps Coins giveaways that are completely free to enter. The winners generally receive between 10 and 50 coins. Random pop-up deals will also make gathering Sweeps Coins easier, offering them a more comfortable rate.

Gaining Free Rewards by Staying Active

Being active and logging in daily is a good way for members to receive both coin types regularly. Every time a member logs in for the first time in a day, a daily bonus will appear on the screen and provide bettors with an option to accept. The Daily Bonus awards 200 000 Gold Coins and one Sweeps Coin. Some of the site's deals allow players to buy Gold Coins and receive several Sweeps Coins for free.

Send Envelopes and Obtain Extra Sweeps Coins

Another unique way to receive Sweeps Coins is to send an envelope stamped "#10" to Chumba's United States or Canada addresses. Players can send as many letters as they want. Every envelope will result in a prize of 5 dollars worth of Sweeps Coins. This method only works for US and Canadian members. Bettors can purchase Gold Coins, but that would be an impractical choice since there are so many other ways to get them for free.