Kahuna Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Kahuna Casino offers an impressive number of profitable promotions, which will make it easier for bettors to turn their real money wagers into profits. Some of the available bonus offers are no deposit ones. These free promotions are exceptionally comfortable because they grant the bonus prize right away and do not require bettors to make an installment.

Basic Rules No Deposit Bonus Players Need to Remember

At Kahuna, the maximum earnings, which players can acquire through no deposit prizes of any kind, is 100 dollars or euros. Free spin prizes do not have a depositing requirement, making them extra comfortable. The wagering requirement for no deposit bonuses or free chips is 99 times.

Kahuna Offers Its Members Generous Free Promotions

One free spin bonus that members of the site will receive may come through the Mahalo monthly gift. Members who have played the game for the previous month will be receiving a gift. That could either be a no-deposit bonus, a free chip reward, or an exclusive cash reward. The promotion works without bonus codes, as do most of the bonus offers on the site, regardless of their type.

VIP members will also be benefiting from a variety of no deposit prizes. Every time they reach a new account tier, they will receive a gift. Junior Explorers will be getting 20 free spins, Chief Explorers - 50 free spins, Master Explorers - 100 free spins, Trailblazers - 50 dollars or euros, Pathfinders - 100 euros or dollars, Discoverers - 150 euros or dollars and Big Kahuna players - 500 dollars or euros.

The site also awards mystery rewards from a prize pool of 70 000 euros. The promotion requires players to bet on the games of Yggdrasil, and if they do, they will get the chance to acquire an amount. Two players will get a 5000 euros prize, four members will receive 1000 euros, and ten players will get 500 euros. In total, 1326 casino members will receive rewards.

Free Prizes Coming at the Price of a Small Deposit

The site offers plenty of other great bonuses, but they do require making a deposit. The Easter Spin Hunt, Aloha, Waves of Free Spins, and Weekend Warriors promotions provide free spins in exchange for an installment. In particular, the Weekend Warriors is quite profitable, awarding up to a thousand spins every Saturday and Sunday at 50 spins for every 50 euros or dollars.