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There have been several articles written about why online Slot Machines are so attractive to women and played more often than other online Casino Games. Some have said it's the huge jackpots, while others have said it's the thrill of the spin. Perhaps it is both. One of the things we know for sure is that online slot machines over a higher percentage payout than their land-based cousins - as much as 98%.

Why Do the Majority of Woman Play Online Slot Machines?

While it is statistically true that more women play slots than men, slots aren't the only game women can play; but that's for another article at another time. Every woman who plays online slot machines has their own reason for doing so. But the one reason we all play online slot machines is because it's exciting. So why play slots? Again, this is a subjective view, and one I wish to share with you. When I am not reviewing slot machines, I often play them. I prefer playing progressive online slot machines with multiple bonus features. I find them challenging and unique, especially the theme-based slots. I don't kid myself, either. I know that while there is a slight chance I could hit the jackpot, nonetheless there is a chance. I also know my limit when I play online slot machines. While I am very tempted to make that one last spin, I hesitate and stop because there is always another day. The reality is that playing slots can be an expensive venture. But every once in a while it does pay off, and I am exhilarated. I beat the odds. Perhaps this is the basis by which most women play online slots.

Land-Based Casinos vs. Online Casinos

Let's put aside online slot machines for a moment and talk about the difference between playing at land-based casinos vs. online casinos. As you know, online casinos offer fabulous welcome bonuses, promotions, tournaments, and opportunities you wouldn't normally receive at a land-based casino. Sure, they offer comp rooms and meals, but not the kind of bonuses online casinos offer. Given that the online casino industry is a billion dollar business, it stands to reason that players would forego paying for flights and hotel accommodations. Having the opportunity to play in the comfort of their home, anytime of the day is quite attractive given the current economic situation. Some women may say that taking a one day trip to Atlantic City affords them a day out with friends, enjoy a few hours of gambling, and return home with some small profit or perhaps none at all.

Conversely, some women prefer to sit at their computer and play whatever game they want to, whenever they want to. No waiting in line to play their favorite table game or slot game, no restriction on the amount of time spent gambling, and no tedious bus rides whose time can be spent playing online slot machines.

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Online casino play has indeed come a long way due to the technological advances made in the last several years. Software companies have created and designed the most incredible online slot machines to date and this, in and of itself, has made online slot machine play the most sought after game in online history. Even Ladies Slots has devoted all its time in providing women with the newest online slot machines, where to play them, and the most popular slots played today. It's not because women only play slots, but because the slots games of today are so technically advanced and brilliantly designed that both men and women enjoy playing online slot machines along with other casino games.

The ability to play online slot machines on electronic devices has paved the way for everyone to join in and play online casino games wherever they have internet access. It's not just for women only, but for all online players who love the thrill of the chase; to beat the odds. This, in my opinion, is why online slot machines reign supreme.