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Slots of Fortune World Cup Frenzy Promotion

Players win big with the Slots of Fortune World Cup Frenzy promotion. During the World Cup games in South Africa, players who deposit at least $50 after June 1, 2010 get $10 in chips every time the United States team scores.

Just five years ago, the U.S. did very well in the FIFA World Cup games. In their first match, they scored three goals. This was followed by one goal against Cote d'Ivoire, but they were eliminated when they failed to score in the quarter-finals. Had the Slots of Fortune World Cup Frenzy been offered in 2005, U.S. players would have enjoyed the $30 bonus!

The Slots of Fortune World Cup Frenzy promotion is destined to boost bank accounts. Many experts believe the United States soccer team is going to put in a great showing this year. If predictions are true, Slots of Fortune players will enjoy plenty of free cash!

In addition to this Slots of Fortune promotion, all new players receive a $15 No Deposit bonus simply for downloading the free Slots of Fortune Casino software and creating an account.