Is There a Benefit to Bonus Hunting

If you are an online casino player, you know that every online casino offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions. In fact, some of the largest welcome bonuses ever conceived are available at popular online casinos. But, did you also know that there are players who sign up for these welcome bonuses at various online casinos, fulfill the wagering requirements associated with the welcome bonus, and then move on to the next set of online casinos and begin the process all over again. This is called bonus hunting.

Is There a Benefit to Bonus Hunting?

Well, to be truthful, if a player is merely in it for the money then yes, there is a benefit to be derived from this method. In fact, one can say it is more profitable than beneficial. Online casinos are in the business of attracting new players every day. Thus, they will offer incredible rewards to get a player to join. For example, let's say a player joins an online casino offering a 100% match welcome bonus of $100 which means the player now has $200 in his account. And let's assume the casino requires that the player wager $2000 before he can cash out. Now the player selects a game that has a high percentage payout such as a slot game with a 98% payout. The player wagers $2000 and wins $1960. The player's account now has $160, and when you deduct the deposit of $100; the player comes out ahead at $60. Was this method profitable? Certainly! But consider that the player had to figure out this entire scenario before joining the casino. That's a lot of work for just $60. However, if a players utilizes this method at five casinos, that's $300.

Casinos Wage War against Bonus Hunting

For online casinos who are trying to make a profit, bonus hunting has taken its toll. Thus, online casinos have restructured their wagering requirements so that this type of method is no longer a viable option for bonus hunting players. In fact, no longer can a player seek to make a huge profit on high percentage games because the casinos have excluded them from their fulfillment requirements. While there are still players who will try to make a profit from bonus hunting, the likelihood they will walk away with a net gain is apparently not going to happen. Even if they try, the risk is greater than the reward.