My Thoughts on New Online Casinos

After reviewing hundreds of online casinos, I would like to share with you my thoughts about some of the issues that I feel are important; issues that will hopefully encourage these new casinos to take note. Reviewing a new online casino requires that I read the entire site…yes, the entire site. I take each section of the site one by one to determine if it meets my criteria as a reviewer and a gamer.

The Games

The first section I look at is the games section. I discern whether the games are listed and can be played on my browser through Instant Play. I take note of the time it takes to load the games I am reviewing as well.

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonuses and promotions are vital to a successful online casino. It's what draws online players to the site. My role is to determine what these bonuses and promotions consist of and how they are applied.

Payment Section

For US players in particular, the payment methods are very important. I look at the type of payment methods accepted to ensure they are appropriate for US players. If I find new types of methods, I check them out as well.

Support Services

With good representation, no online casino is worth anything. I use the live chat, if applicable, and I ensure that there are several ways a player can contact a representative when necessary.

The Main Page

There are some online casinos that are so creatively designed that I immediately sense whether or not they will become a hit among online players. From the contemporary to the classic; most of the new online casinos are inviting, very friendly, and receptive.

The Main Problem

My issues with some of the new online casinos deal mainly with two areas. One, the games are not listed or readily accessible; and two, the grammar on some of these sites is quite bad. While I realize that most of these new online casinos are designed outside of the US, there is no excuse for bad grammar. It gives new online players the wrong impression, and it is just bad business. As an example, I reviewed a new Rival Casino this morning and was so taken aback by the grammatical errors, that I could no longer trust what they claimed was true.

For many new online players, they rely on the expertise of online casino reviewers to steer them in the right direction. With over 1500 online casinos available today, it is a daunting task for new players to find a casino that is well-established, experienced, and one that would meet their expectations.

In the final analysis, it is up to those who review online casinos to provide an honest and subjective review based on specific criteria. To ensure that all players who are new to the online casino world have a myriad of choices; and that among those choices are the best casinos online today, offering the best games, the best payment methods, and the best in customer support services.

Message to New Online Casinos

The online casino industry is competitive, to say the least. However, if you wish to be competitive in this market, you must have a site that is professional in all aspects of online gaming. Most importantly, how you promote your site will determine whether or not you become successful in this market. So take a tip from this reviewer, and reread your site. Ensure that what you write makes sense; check your grammar. If you do not have the games listed; list them and make them accessible to online players. Launching a site before it is ready will not serve you well. In fact, it will not serve you at all.