Deadwood Casinos Bouncing Back

The legality of Deadwood Casinos having come back hit big in June. Not only did the tables and slots return, but so did the number of people who love playing. The betting handle during this month was up close to 14% more than it usually is in this month alone. This is a big jump to their normal numbers, and due to the passing of the bills, this brought a lot more people into the Deadwood casinos.

The amount was much higher than the previous year during the same month. Many are wondering if it has a lot to do with the virus or if it was because of other reasons.

The increase came mostly from the slots that people were playing inside the casino. The table games were down from the previous years, but the slots skyrocketed on what was played. Since Deadwood has not seen these numbers since back in 2014, they call this a record win for those looking to build and grow faster, stronger, and better than ever.

Having had to close from March until May, the casino did not bring a lot of revenue during these times. Once they opened the casinos once again, they found a surge of players waiting for this to happen. This might explain why the numbers soared for the slots during June.

The $1.3 million gambling increase was nice, and it could have been since they were the first gambling jurisdictions that were able to open after the pandemic had hit many of the areas. However, this increase was nothing compared to the over $11 million they had lost because of the pandemic. This put a lot of the casinos in tough spots.

Many of the slots on the gaming floors were also illegal because they could not be licensed during the time. The Gaming Commission agreed to allow this to happen, but they stated that they had to be unplugged and out of use when the casinos had people coming to play inside.

As of now, many of the casinos that had to keep closed during the pandemic, and many that are still closed are hoping to gain more interest in the market. They hope to boost their income a bit, so they don't have to worry about missing out on even more money to keep running.