Slots Compared to Shoes

Women have loved shoes since the days of Cinderella and Dorothy Gail. And in both cases, their shoes brought them good fortune. Shoes are all about making us feel taller. Like we can conquer the world. Shoes come in bright fun colours that make us feel flirty or dangerous. Slots are just the same. From the kick you get when you win to the bright dazzling assortment of slots available to you online. If you have a pair of lucky shoes, then strap them on, and join the thousands of women getting the same thrill playing online slots.

You Have a World of Choices

You can have any kind of feet you want in shoes. And there are just as many styles, types and colours of online slots as there are shoes in every woman's closet in the world. Some of the differences are a style choice and others are for comfort or based on what suits your personality. There are multiple paylines, Bonus Slot Machines, free spins, and an endless array of themes for you to choose from. If the internet were a shoe store and slots were shoes, the building would have to be as big as New York City. But, like shoes, no matter how many choices you have in the store or in your closet, you will inevitably develop favorites. But luckily slots never wear out.

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I worked in a mall store once and it was a terrible experience. But I happened to be right next to a shoe store, and on one occasion I bought myself a completely impractical pair of strappy sandals that were way too expensive and not at all conducive to walking long distance. But, even long after I've quit that job, those sandals make me feel rewarded and at least two feet taller than I am. I can't explain the rush I feel - but I experienced it a little while ago when I won $50 playing Hot City Slots online. Shoes and slots can both be an exhilarating reward after a bad day. And slots don't hurt your feet.

Shoes and Slots Meet in The Sex And The City Casino Game

HBO turned a woman's love for strappy sandals into a hit TV show and two major motion pictures. And now IGT launched a new slot machine for land-based casinos based on that popular series. And just like the shoe, the slot is making waves.

This just goes to show you that, like shoes, slots can be very much for women. Sinatra would have had you believe that casino's were a man's domain, but Sinatra was wrong. Women like to be entertained and feel the rush of the spinning reels just as much as men. And we play in better shoes.