3D Casino

Twenty years ago we were promised that we would be living alternate lives in a world created by the Internet. Science fiction writers like William Gibson talked about “virtual reality” in which we could leave the world of bricks and mortar behind, and live out our idealized existences.

Whilst amazing, the World Wide Web has always been somewhat more restrictive than that. And then along came Second Life and a whole slew of kids’ games that have done the extraordinary – they allow the participants to create avatars of themselves, to look like whatever they choose, to interact with others through the electronic medium. This is a huge step forward in the way that the Internet works. Now, instead of clicking on a hyperlink to go to the Amazon website, you may just take the bullet train to New York and walk into a book store and peruse titles as you would in the outside world, but it is a facsimile of the outside world instead.

It was only a matter of time before this amazing technology came to the domain of online casinos. And why wouldn’t it? Online casinos spend a great deal of time and money developing ways to transport players into a casino environment from the comfort of their own homes, and this technology allows that illusion to be even more complete.

Introducing 888 3D Casino

The new 888 3D casino is the ultimate expression of what online casinos have been moving towards since their inception – it is a complete simulated casino environment. The terrific online casinos that have been with us up until now, properties like Lincoln Casino, Sky Vegas Casino and Bovada Casino, have gone to great lengths to improve the graphic display of casino games, but there has been now way to create the full casino environment. At 888, players design their own avatars, so they can be dashing Monte Carlo playboys or sexy Latin heiresses in their fantasy lives, if they choose. Then they can sit at gaming tables or play completely realistic slot games in a glamorous, beautiful environment.

Rooms at the Casino

There are four play rooms at the casino that players may choose from: Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and High Rollers. When it is time to cash in or to get some more chips, players stroll over to the cashier. If they have questions about play or casino operations, they can approach a member of the support staff on the casino floor and get help.

Multiplayer Gaming

One of the truly special features about the 3D casino is the multiplayer gaming. When playing blackjack or roulette the player is in the midst of real casino action, with other players around them in an exciting, high-adrenaline environment, just as if they were at the tables in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. In this environment, players can not only interact with the dealers or croupiers, but they can also strike up conversations with and cultivate friendships with other players, making this a truly social environment.

Super Welcome Promotion!

To get new players to visit this incredible gaming environment, 888 Casino is offering a special, limited time promotion running from now through October 4, 2010. The promotion is only good in participating countries: UK, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden – at this time, 888 is not yet US friendly. For this limited time, new players get a registration bonus of $/£/€8, a first deposit bonus of 100%, up to $/£/€100 and a special bonus of an additional $/£/€100 for free! Beyond that, the first 200 new player accounts will get a cut of $/£/€20,000 in special bonus funds every week during the campaign.

Visit the Virtual World

888 is truly the wave of the future in the realm of online gaming. Go log on and get registered for your cut of the great bonuses now, and make some friends who share your online gaming interests too! You are sure to love this new, high tech and completely immersive gaming environment.