Progressive Slots

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Everybody loves Slot Machines. You might not be a great casino player but you know that you have the chance to win thousands of money from playing slots. This is because slot machines operate on pure luck. With the advent of online casinos, progressive slots have become even more popular. This is not surprising since progressive slots have huge jackpots. The prize gets bigger and bigger as more and more people play the game.

Progressive Slots Machines

There is a wide range of slots that are offered by online casino brands we recommend on this site. This includes 7 reel Slots and muti line slots games with numerous awards. The progressive slots offered by this software are ideal for every kind of budget. The slots are secured by a 128-bit encryption on SSL 3.0 so you know that you are well protected.

Progressive Slots to Check Out

Some of the progressive slots that you should definitely check out is available at Silver Oak Casino. These include Jackpot Pinatas Slots, Pay Dirt, Mid Life Crisis , Shopping Spree and IRIS 3000. These are all progressive jackpots that are inspired by different themes. If the reels end up with more than one winning combination, you only get paid for the highest combination. If you get a winning combination on an unable payline, you do not get paid for the combination. You do not get paid when the game malfunctions. In order to win the progressive jackpot, you have to place three coins.

Jackpot Pinatas is inspired is inspired by a Bull Pinata theme. The minimum wager is $0.25 and the maximum wager is 20 coins. PayDirt is another progressive slot with 5 reels. The minimum wager for PayDirt is $0.01 with 100 coins as maximum. The PayDirt symbols include PayDirt Sign, Gold Nugget and Gold Mine. IRIS 3000 is a 5-reel slot inspired by the Science theme. The minimum wager is $0.50 with three coins as maximum bet. The symbols include Gold Bar and Radiation Hazard. Shopping Spree is inspired by Shopping theme. The minimum wager is $0.25 with 45 coins as maximum wager. Mid Life Crisis is inspired by a Mid-life theme. The minimum is $0.25 with 45 coins as maximum wager. The Mid-life Crisis symbols include Cash, Bike, Yacht, Balding Man,and others.