IRIS 3000 Slots

IRIS 3000 Slots

IRIS 3000 Slots is a Real Time Gaming video slot offered by Bovada Casino. IRIS 3000 means Interactive Real Intelligence Slot. You can basically consider this slot as a 5-reel slot. However, if you take a look at the reels, there are actually seven reels. It is theoretically a 5-reel slot because you can only win if you have a 5 symbol combination. As expected from a Real Time Gaming slots, the graphics and sounds are great and the payouts are huge.

Playing IRIS 3000 Slots

This game is available both in Bovada download version and Bovada Flash version. To start playing, you must first close doors of two reels. You can either click on the doors or you can click on "Auto Pick" which automatically closes the doors for you. IRIS 300 allows maximum coins of 3. It has only a single payline and the minimum coin value allowed is $0.50. You can choose to play for fun or for money. It has great graphics and sounds since it is RTG-powered software.

IRIS 3000 Game Bonus

When you wage two credits, this will prompt one laser beam to start scanning the doors and reels of the game. If this stops scanning on a closed door, this will trigger the door to open and the hidden reel will be opened. You'd be surprised by the sudden "Warning! Warning!" The good thing about this is that your chances of winning would also increase. If you increased your waged credit to three, this will prompt two laser beams to start scanning. The hidden reels will be exposed if these beams stop on closed doors. Since there are actually seven closed doors, you can open all these doors by waging three credits which will prompt three beams to open. When you open the seven doors, this will again prompt a multiplier wheel to start spinning. This can compound your bet to ten times its original amount.

IRIS 3000 Progressive Jackpot

You get the chance to win the progressive jackpot when you bet a maximum of three coins or credits. This is when all of the closed doors open. The initial jackpot is as huge as $100,000. The maximum bet for the jackpot is $1.5.

You can refer to the Paytable in order to see what possible winnings you can get for every symbol combination. IRIS 300 is one of the many Real Time Gaming coin-based games. You would receive your payouts in coins but you can convert these coins to credits by multiplying the number of coins by their denominations.

Where to play IRIS 3000 Slots

This game is offered in many online casinos with RTG-powered software. We recommend to play IRIS 3000 at Bovada Casino. Read our Bovada Casino review.