Online Casino Players in NY Feeling NJ Gambling Legislation Bill

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Those in the NJ state are now jumping for joy because of the recent proposal relating to poker. Those within the state are thinking this is going to be one of the best things for them. However, the news for those in the neighboring state of NY might not be as exciting. This is something that might deflate them just a little bit.

This is because the officials in NJ are now embracing gambling and the massive boom in the country. However, those officials in NY are still dragging their heels on what to do and how to do it. They might not ever do it, which is becoming sad for those residents who cannot play it legally. This is why some of these new developments might be bad news for NY, depending on how they affect them.

NJ Wants to Declare Poker a Game of Skill

If the new legislation is passed, this will bring in more opportunities for those who like to play these games. This is because there is already a diverse selection of online casinos to choose from in NJ.

If the law is passed, this would mean that the game of poker would be one of skill and bluff, not a gambling game because it is not one of skill. It is something to think about. You might be able to play this game.

This would also mean that racetracks and other establishments would be able to put this game in their establishments, as long as they kept a portion to pay into the state for the taxes. This type of game would be regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Why Does This Matter?

Being able to name poker as a game of skill means that this will touch on a much wider range of bases than if it was just classified as a game of luck or chance. This gives the industry a lot more opportunities, and it can make them a lot more money. Some of the Atlantic City casinos oppose this change and bill, so this is something to think about. This is because they are only limiting it to the game of poker, not the other games.

Poker Boom is Still Rising in NJ

However, online poker continues to rise throughout the state. This is a good sign for those who are going to be putting the legal status on the game in the other areas. This is because they can tax it in the different regions when it is legalized by the state and gaming enforcement.

In June 2024, more than $3.5million was generated by the regulated operators. This is almost double what was reported during the same time in the past year. Allowing poker to be played in many other areas will heighten the popularity of the game and generate greater revenues throughout the state.

New Yorkers are Jealous of This

New Yorkers are looking on to those in NJ and considering what this could mean for that state, while NY is at a standstill for this. This is something that you want to consider when it comes to NY and the laws they are passing. NY is in the back burner of all things gambling and casino related, as many of the surrounding states are making their way to changes that are going to help develop a better income plan.