Space Traders Slots

Space Traders is a unique and entertaining 3D slot game with a peculiar cosmic theme. The slot is from Revolver Gaming and has three reels and zero pay lines and that is what makes it uniquely different. Space Traders Slots is a Mega progressive slot. Instead of traditional reels and pay lines, the game uses a 3×3 grid that has spaces for nine symbols. The coin values is a straight penny. On to the theme, you will meet three special characters, Queen Bea, Handy Max, and Sam the Robot. Their task is to collect rare space junk and sell it to their clients. The base game will show you 9 spots on the 3x3 grid, each represents a pay line, so to speak. And, each spot features a lucky reel.

The Lucky Play is randomly selected out of the 10 eligible symbols for each 'spin'. If you get 3 or more Lucky Symbols, they will freeze and lock while the remaining symbols re-spin until no more Lucky Symbols appear. The Lucky Symbol pays for the total number of matching symbols collected, and that pay is doubled for Massive Wins! The game also has a 2nd screen 'Space Junk Bonus', where Queen Bea and Handy Max are excited to show you a range of up to 3 sets of items to choose from, each with fluctuating values to either accept or reject.

Symbols used in Space Traders include Asteroids, Cash Planet, Handy Max, and Queen Bea, Sam the Robot, Space Junk, Space Traders Logo, and Treasures. When the Space Traders Logo appears on the reels it is locked in place while the rest of the reels spin. Sam the Robot holds different symbols at different times. When the symbol he holds matches the symbols on the reels to form winning combinations, he will spin around and turn the combination of symbols into Space Junk Symbols. When you get three or more Lucky Symbols they will lock into place and the remaining symbols will spin until there are no more lucky symbols appearing on the reels. The payout is doubled.

In the Space Junk Bonus Round you will be taken to a second screen where Queen Bea will have 3 chances to select space junk that she feels is worth some money. She will pick 3 items each round and the amount of that item will appear on the screen. If she doesn't like the amounts, she will clear the table of all the items and start over. Handy Max will the give her another set of items to choose from but no more than three sets in all. Each will have a value up to 800 coins. Once the Queen accepts the items, the total prize amount is what you will win.