Dominating Trend In 2024 - Online Gambling

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Spectrum Gaming Group is an independent research and professional services company that has internet and mobile features that dominate in almost half of their predictions. Recently, they released the ninth annual list tracking 21 leading trends for the forthcoming year in the gambling industry and the results are quite interesting.

A growing influence

There will be growing influence of internet and mobile channels in the US in 2013, even with the growing competition between individual states for the gamblers' dollars. It might be a tough road but it will happen. The related forecasts predict that several issues need to be overseen and covered first.

Software increase

There will be an increase in lottery and gaming jurisdiction that comes online so age-verification and geolocation software will become increasingly important. Providers that can best demonstrate reliability, accuracy and ability to inhibit fraud and errors will be in particularly high demand.

Social networking

Internet and mobile based social networking and electronic gaming will be the "next big thing" in gambling, which comes as no surprise. social gaming and online gambling grouping will continue, creating new competitors and putting pressure on regulators to oversee the implementation of social gaming.

Friend or foe

Decision making about eliminating or regulating Internet/sweepstakes cafes will have the states moving much more swiftly. They will deem them as either financially harmful or a revenue source. Lottery will have a greater online presence and therefore will have to consider privatization or appointing private management.

Native Americans

Traditional gaming and state lotteries will be required to accelerate their merging, compliments of the prospect of internet gaming. More Native Americans are getting into internet gaming with free-play poker sites so expect debates to intensify on opening up the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act for internet gambling purposes.

Reconsidering Options

Regardless of size, more tribal operators will seek a visible presence in online gambling. This will cause the states to feel pressure from the tribal operators to either withdraw or renegotiate requirements as state governments pursue online gambling through state lotteries. Also, online gambling companies will seek global properties in certain states to gain licensing footing for Internet operations.