Monopoly Snap

If you are a fan of fun slots games such as the Deal Or No Deal Slot Machine, Sex And The City Slots, Monte Magic Slots, or Real Deal Slots at online casinos such as, Lincoln Casino or Liberty Slots Casino, then you are familiar with how engrossing and at times, how profitable such games can be. You owe it to yourself to try out the latest offering from Jackpot Joy Bingo, Monopoly Snap in order to see how much cash you can win.

Bingo With a Twist

Monopoly Snap, described as "Bingo with a twist" is the perfect choice for those gamers who enjoy playing Bingo as well as the classic board game known as Monopoly. A Bonus Slot Machine will have a hard time competing with Monopoly Snap, which gives players four different ways that they can win cash.

Match Properties and Win

The aim of Monopoly Snap is to be the initial player that matches all five of the property cards that you have been dealt in your hand. When you first begin to play, you will see a game screen that shows you that five hands can be bought for each game you want to play. Each hand costs just 20p. Once you have chosen the number of hands you want, Monopoly cards are drawn from a deck that you'll see on the left hand side of the screen. If one of these cards should match one of the Monopoly properties listed on a card in your hand, it will be automatically marked. If you are the first player that manages to match all of your properties, you win!

The Community Chest Progressive Jackpot

Monopoly Snap also has a progressive jackpot known as the Community Chest. If a player wins the game in five calls, they will receive this jackpot. This will net the player a big 40 percent of the total cash amount, with the other 60 percent of the cash jackpot going to the game's other players.

The Monopoly Snap Match Bonus

It is worthwhile for players to purchase all five hands, for this gives them the chance to win before the game even starts. The Monopoly Snap Match Bonus can be won if a set of properties in one of your hands is matched. Those who are fans of the Monopoly board game will recognize the bonus tokens in this game, for they are the same dog as the player's pieces such as the top hat, dog, wheelbarrow, boot, race car, thimble, battleship, and iron. Mr. Monopoly himself will pull a bonus token out of his hat, and if it matches one of your tokens, the bonus money you will be shared with the other players.