Fast Wire

Everyone is busy these days; we don't need more hassles in our life. Work is work. Gaming shouldn't be work too. Fast Wire is a quick and easy way of transferring money to your online casino.

Money conscience players like you are always looking for secure and efficient ways to deposit your money. But you don't want to spend all your time working out the deposit - you want to play. Fast Wire gets you what you want. This is the safest way to make international payments which can give you comfort playing at any online casino no matter where they are based. Each account holder must have a proven identity, so you know your money is going exactly where you want it to.

Get More Money Than You Put In

When you make your deposit with Fast Wire; you a get 150% match bonus for slots or 15% cash back for table games credited to your account which you can play with immediately. Once your entire amount is processed to Fast Wire, you receive another bonus of 150% match bonus for slots or 15% cash back for table games. Just make the minimum deposit of $1,000. Your wire transfer takes no more than 3 days to complete, but your initial bonus is available immediately.

Get Started With Fast Wire

Scan and send Fast Wire your transfer confirmation; include the SWIFT or the IBAN number, or a screenshot of the confirmation from the bank. It's a good idea to talk to your bank about online banking, which will make all your wire transfers miles simpler by allowing you do handle all of your finances online. Your bank will charge a fee for the wire but Fast Wire will cover that fee for you. Fast Wire will credit your player account with the amount of the transfer fee as cash! So you have nothing to lose and bonuses to gain.

Withdrawal Your Win From Fast Wire

When you win and wish to collect, Fast Wire is there for you too. It's a good idea to review the withdrawal terms of the casino you're playing with so when you win you know what they expect of you. Once your win is credited to the Fast Wire bank you can withdraw your winnings with proof of identity, to ensure your winnings go to you. This should be a copy of your ID and a recent Utility Bill which they will keep on file.

If you have questions about deposits, withdrawals or any wire related questions; Fast Wire's friendly support staff is available 24/7. Fast Wire is a quick, safe and easy way to deposit your money - and that means you have more time to devote to worry free play. And with the Bonus credits to your account, Fast Wire is a win-win choice for the smart gamer.