Table Games - Roulette

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment: there is NO surefire way to win EVERY time in a gambling situation. Hence why it is called gambling. "You pays your monies, you makes your choice." After that, it's all on Lady Fortune and her fickle ways to decide how well(or how badly) you come out in the end. Now all that being said…there are systems and tips to increase your odds of winning or, at the very least, give you a feeling of order and accomplishment when you do win.

The "Science" Of Roulette

While there are many systems and methods in use the world over for succeeding in roulette games, both online and off. Now…based on what I said above, you may find yourself asking "Well, what difference do they make if luck is the whole decider?" Valid question. But these systems create a sense of purpose and allow you to feel as if you are making headway which, in turn. makes them as valid as they need be, as well as being part of the 'roulette culture'.

Casino Variables

Now before we move into a slightly complex discussion of numbers, let's discuss some casino-based variables. Some casinos use a single zero wheel known as 'European' wheel. Obviously more prevalent in Europe, some American casinos use them also. This can greatly affect the odds on these tables. Also, minimum and maximum wagers can vary greatly from place to place.

Roulette Playing Systems

Now onto the numbers discussion(which won't be as complex as you think). Numbers systems revolve around counting units bet with and weighing them against your existing win/loss ratio. Popular systems range from the Fibonacci System(based on an ancient mathematical principle) to the Parlay System and the La Bouchere Systems, both forward and reversed versions.

The D'Alembert System

One of the most popular of these is the D'Alembert system. This system entails beginning with a single unit. Each time you lose, you replace the bet with one extra unit. Each time you win, you do the opposite. Example: If you had lost enough to work your way up to 4 units, you'd place your next bet with 5. If you had won with 4 units, you'd bet next on 3 units. If you then won the next 3 spins, you would be left with zero units. At that point, you can either start over OR do what the experts do: walk away with your newfound loot.

Possibly the single biggest thing in favor of roulette playing systems is that the casino itself has nothing to do with it so any alterations of the system or outright abandonments are completely your choice.

More tips and tricks for(theoretically) maximizing odds can be easily tracked down on the internet as well as in many easy to find books and the best part is that none of them will get you in as much trouble as counting cards in blackjack.

In The End…

Roulette is unlike most other casino games in that it is purely a game of chance. So…really, anything that makes YOU, as the player, feel 'lucky' and believe that Lady Fortune is on your side is probably as valid as the next thing. If you think eating a mayonnaise and banana sandwich makes you lucky (and would rather do that than learn the Fibonacci Sequence which is rather complicated) then, by all means, do it. As a fellow gamer and tester of Fate, I can only say buona fortuna and hope for the best.