Free Online Poker Games at FaceUp Gaming

When you first enter the Face Up Gaming website, you instantly see one color all over the place, red. With the combination of a sleek red and hints of black, the lettering of the headers really pop out. One can really tell that the theme is based off the club card, maybe even to red clubs cards. Face Up Gaming is a subscription based website that offers two different types of membership, a free one and a monthly payment one. This site is fairy new, only launching since April 2012, but it is sure to be a good time while you play it. According to their about me section, it was founded by two guys who love to play online poker, but were frustrated that they could not see or hear other players, thus making this site the first of its kind.

Face Up Gaming Members

As stated earlier there are two types of memberships at Face Up Gaming. Players can choose from a free subscription to paying a monthly fee of $24.95. If you choose the free account, you are able to win a monthly cash prize of $1000, you receive 10,000 in play chips, and 500 in daily reload option for play chips. However, paid subscribers, also called gold members, get much more than free members. They can win up to $150,000 in cash and prized, get 250,000 in play chips, and 2,000 in daily reload option for play chips. And that is not all, since gold members get the full package which include: individual performance rating, monthly online workshop with the pros, exclusive online tournaments to play with the pros, league tournaments, gold members only tournament, Face Up Gaming newsletter, winning trips to cruises, Aruba and world series, global league ranking, a daily leader bored, ad free poker and even the chance to have your own custom avatar. Both memberships have live video and audio chats, hand history, email support, poker ring games, daily point free rolls, daily $10 or $20 free rolls and multi table play.

Face Up Tournaments

Face Up Gaming offers a variety of daily tournaments. Each poker tournaments are played until one player has won all the chips. They also offer two types of tournaments. The first one is called the Turbo Tournament, and this is where all the levels will be shorter and players will have fewer chips to pay. It is also scheduled to finish in less than two hours, and according to their site, in most cases in about 90 minutes. The Super Turbo Tournament has the same rule also the turbo only this one will go much faster. In most cases, the Super Turbo Tournament will last less than an hour.

They also offer inter league poker tournament leagues. Each league will run for about 2 months. Players can qualify for two tournaments at the end of the league based on a player's performance during the two months. The total prize pool for the league is $50,000. And even if a player does not have a league affiliation, they can still join the league as a FACE UP League member.

Play now at Face Up

Face Up Gaming is fun and interactive way to play poker. The founders are committed to giving players the most realistic poker experience online. They can play real poker with real people all without having to leave their house. Playing with Face Up Gaming will result in a fun poke game.