Keno Online for Real Money

Keno used to be thought of as an additional minor casino game rather than a major one. In old land based casinos there were Keno booths dotted around the floor where runners would try and convince the "serious" gamblers to buy some Keno tickets and choose some numbers. But Keno has come a long way since those days and thanks to the internet, is fast becoming one of the most popular online casino games today. Thanks to the original Chinese game of Keno, many of us are now not only playing a fun and potentially lucrative game of luck and skill but also have a part in the historical game that has been perpetuated. Keno is a game of numbers, there are 80 numbers on a board and as a player you can choose up to 15 numbers on the board. A ball or marker is then thrown out of a random number generated computer program and if your number matches then you stand to win. The amounts you win depends on the quantity of matching numbers that you have and of course how much you have bet.

Keno Online for Real Money in USA

Luckily there are many exciting online casinos that not only welcome and encourage US players online but also offer Keno for money games. Read more about Best Keno Online Casinos for USA Players. Keno is a fun game to play when you are not using real money i.e. for practice play but when you place real money bets, nothing beats a game of online Keno for money in the United States. Recently laws have changed regarding online gaming in the US, but many casinos are adapting to these new laws and still able to accept and promote games for US players. In fact Keno with its speed and ease of play is fast becoming one of the leading games played by US players. There are so many different layouts to Keno that it might seem to the inexperienced US players that each game is different but in fact all of the online Keno games for money have the same basis. There will be 80 numbers on the board and as a player you can choose up to 15 numbers to try and match. Placing bets is made easy by use of numerous approved for US player's online payment methods. From credit cards to Ewalletxpress to echecks all deposits for real money Keno play in the US is a simple step away. Playing online Keno for real money in the USA is a dream of a game where you even have the chance to choose Autoplay and let the computer do the work for you, either way you are sure to enjoy and benefit from a great game.

Keno Strategy

Anyone who says that there is no such thing as strategy on a game of luck like Keno is wrong. There are many Keno tips and considerations that you should know before even embarking on a game. Of course first and foremost is to choose the best casino for you, make sure you are comfortable with the casino of your choice and of course understand how it works. Read up on some of the casino reviews and especially look for any comments on the Keno game. Once you have chosen the casino then of course you need to learn the Keno game itself. If possible, it is always a good idea to have a practice run before you take the plunge and place real money bets. Understand how the set up of the board is and what makes up the best Keno combinations. It is a game of luck but probability also comes into it and if you are a mathematician you can also work out the probability of your numbers coming up out of the 80 numbers on the board. Or all of the high numbers, low numbers, right numbers or left numbers. This calculation will help you to choose the best Keno combinations. Another important factor when working on your Keno Strategy is of course the amount of money in your bankroll. Don't use it all up at once. Decide in advance how much you are willing to spend and based on that work out the coin size that you are willing to give each game. Taking into account these few but important Keno tips you can definitely work on a good strategy which should and can help you place the best Keno combinations and get the best Keno results.

Online Casinos with Keno Bonuses

Every online casino whether good or bad tries to entice its players with exciting bonuses and special offers. Each and every offer is genuine but it is always important to read the small print and make sure that everything you are offered is actually possible. While you are waiting for a Keno download it is a good idea to look at the different bonuses that are available. It could be that you need to bet a certain amount or number of times to be eligible for a bonus or you have you use a certain deposit method. Many of the secure online payment methods will offer join bonus options with the casino and game in order to draw more players in. When you intend to play Keno for money, make sure you have all of the information with you before you take the plunge so that you can take advantage of the best bonus offers and sometimes even competition entries that online casinos offer. There are even some casinos, like Lincoln Casino that offer free Keno games and special sign up Keno bonus offers, look for them all and make sure you have read all of the small print before you place your first Keno bets and take advantage of the keno Bonuses.

Another Keno Bonus is of course the different variations of Keno that you can find. The most well known one is of course Power Keno which originated in Australia and is now available at many online casinos. Power Keno is played exactly as Keno but the only difference is that if the 20th number drawn matches once of your numbers, your winnings are quadrupled! Super Keno is very similar but involves the 1st number match up to give you a quadruple win. Online casinos with Keno Bonuses may be everywhere but it is essential to filter out the best ones for you which give you the most potential winning capacity.

Best Keno Online Casinos

The best Keno online casinos are not necessarily the casinos that offer the highest stakes. When looking for the best Keno online casinos it is also a good idea to look at the payout percentage. The payout percentage figure does not mean that you will get 96% of your money back, what it does mean is that over a period of time, 96% of the money invested in the game and casino is paid back. Having taken this into account, it is also important to look at the customer service and support that each casino offers. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of an exciting run of Keno games and then you are stuck because there is a technical hitch and you have no one to contact. In addition to this, ways to deposit money are very important, you need a casino that has instant deposit methods and of course is open to US players.

There are a number of very good online casinos which offer exciting Keno games.You have plenty of choice. Look out for the casinos where you don't need to download the software to your computer i.e. the ones with a flash or instant casino. It basically means you can play Keno from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Keno is a great game and deserves to be played at the best and most reliable casinos. Play a few practice games at your shortlist of Keno casinos before you place real money bets. A little extra time in practice can save you a lot of money when it comes to real money Keno and it will also give you 100%+ satisfaction that you have made the right decision about the best casino where you choose to play Keno.