Everything You Wanted To Know About Slots: Book Reviews

Is there a secret to winning it big playing slots? Some will say yes while others will say it is purely based on luck. At Ladies Slots, although we review the best online casinos, best slots, and offer comprehensive information that will enable you to successfully play slots; we would be untruthful of we said there was a magic potion. But, lo and behold there are some individuals who believe there is a strategy; method; and a secret to winning slots. Therefore, because we always want to provide you with both sides of the equation - here are some popular books that we think you will thoroughly enjoy reading and, perhaps, use the tips to reap very special rewards. All four books are available at Amazon.com

Break the One-Armed Bandits

Break the One-Armed Bandits by Frank Scoblete is a compendium of slot machine information you will find useful. This 178-page paperback has been given rave reviews by readers who love playing slots, land-based or online. The reason why this book is a best seller lies in the fact that it explains the game of slots in an easy to understand manner. Explanations on topics range from: random number generator; the difference between "loose" and "tight" slots; where you can play the best slot machines; the history of slot machines; strategies to decrease the risk and increase the chances of winning; the house edge and how to overcome it; stories about winners and losers; and slots natural selection. Everyone who has read this book thus far has given it a 5 star-rating as the only book on slots you'll ever need!

Powerful Profits

Touted as a book offering some of the most practical and realistic advice for slot players comes Powerful Profits from Slots by Victor Royer. For slot players who want to win, this may be the book for you. Royer, while making it clear that the casino always has the edge in slot machines, nonetheless offers methods that will educate the slot players into becoming more attuned to the opportunities available to win at the game. He explains the difference between using a method versus using a system. His methods are explained with a proviso that although they are not a guarantee - they do offer the slot player guidelines that will improve their slot playing, and win more than lose. This 304-page paperback edition is a good read and you will undoubtedly learn a great deal about slots and how they operate.

Slot Machine Strategy

In his book, "Slot Machine Strategy: Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot," MacIntyre Symms offers slot machine strategies that are easy to duplicate and may offer a lucrative lesson on how to correctly play slots. A professional gambler, Symms offers tips on how to find the best slot machine with the highest payout, as well as other strategies you can use playing progressive and multiple-coin slot machines. However, one that we think will attract slot players is his advice on when to move to another slot machine. We've all been there, right? Should I stay at the slot machine I've been played for hours - or try a new one? Usually, once you do move, someone comes along and hits the jackpot on YOUR machine! This book is unique in that Symms cites case studies of players on both the winning and losing end. This 160-page paperback is a fast read and one we think you will surely enjoy.

Beat the Slots

Beat the Slots! by Marten Jensen is a 164-page paperback that teaches you how to successfully win at slots - perhaps even win the jackpot. Jensen goes beyond slot playing in this book as he incorporates ways to earn free points, receive free room comps, and receive cash by joining slot clubs. The major theme of this book, first and foremost, is hot to win at slots. Jensen discusses how to find the best slot machines; what casinos offer the best payouts; what types of slot machines are the best to play; the history of slot machines; and how to not lose playing slots. Readers have commented that this book is a fast read with recommendations on how to approach slot playing strategies to increase your winning odds.