Tri Card Poker

Tri Card Poker or Three Card Poker is one of the many table game offerings at Bovada Casino. This is a Real Time Gaming powered game that has great graphics, slick games and user friendly interface. You can play this game either by downloading Bodog software or by playing their Flash version. If you do not have the money to wage, you can still enjoy this game and practice your skills by playing for Fun since the game is available for free play.

Tri Card Poker Description

This table game screams of Vegas. It is very easy to play and has become a favorite of Poker lovers. Tri-Card Poker is actually a five-card poker version. The unique twist to this game is that when you play Tri Card Poker, you are actually playing two types of poker games depending on the bet you placed. These two games include a game of chance and the other a game of skill. You can place a bet on the outcome of either one of them, or both of them. You can even place different bets on each of these games. Tri Card Poker uses a single deck of card. The player and dealer are dealt with three cards with the dealer's card faced down. In this game, a Straight card consisting of three outranks a Flush of three cards. The values of this game are similar to poker. They are ranked with 2 as lowest and the Ace as the highest.

Playing the Game Tri Card Poker

Tri Card Poker has basically the same principles as the traditional poker game. The difference lies on the hand rankings. The objective is to create a best or highest three-card hand. In Tri Card Poker, you can get paid by the value of your hand without necessarily pitting the hand against that of the dealer's. However, you can also win by playing against the dealer's.

The Game Strategy

Before you start playing, remember that the house already has an advantage over you. To overcome this advantage, you should know some strategies that you can use while playing Tri Card Poker. First off, you should always go for a Q-6-4 play or higher than this. Getting a lower hand means losing the game. If you are dealt with a Queen or something higher, place a bet and play.

Where to Play Tri Card Poker

If for any reason you don't want to download casino software on you computer, you can play for fun or for real money at Bovada Casino.

There are more strategies that you will learn along the way as you play more of the Tri Card Poker. The game is certainly fun, unique and quite profitable.