Progressive Blackjack

Get the chance to make it big with blackjack in progressive format. There is no better way of pulling off a win from such a table game that gives you ultimate enjoyment with payouts that can make your eye pop out. Be one of lucky Ladies who made it big with Progressive Blackjack and enjoy your winnings any way you want. Play Progressive Blackjack at one of the bests online casino brands, 32 Red Online Casino.

Progressive Blackjack, How It Works

In progressive blackjack, the game utilizes eight card decks complete with all card values. The dealer will be expected to shuffle the cards including the ones used in the previous round. All kings, queens and jacks are counted as tens while the rest are counted as what the values actually show. Aces are counted either as one or eleven, provided that when totaled with other cards, the result would be no more than 21. This goes without saying that an ace is always counted in favor of the best possible hand total. To illustrate, a hand with jack, five and ace will be counted as 10 + 5 + 1 instead of 10 + 5 + 11. The latter count would make you go bust while the former total will make you stay safe within the preferred total of 21. A player is expected to place a bet for the hands played.

Bonus Jackpot

The game comes with a bonus jackpot where a $1 bet will be placed before playing the hand. Players will get the chance to win based on the bonus payout table if the first two cards dealt are two aces. Consequently, betting gets progressively higher as bets are placed. The Jackpot amount will be displayed prominently.

Basic Strategy

With the advancement in computer simulations, a basic Blackjack strategy was formulated to help players determine what type of action would work best to their advantage depending on the hand dealt to them and the dealer's. Card counting will not be practical as the eight decks of 52 cards are commonly reshuffled after each round played. There are strategy tables for pairs, hard and soft totals for easier reference. These are easy to use tables which will show you the way with a high probability of win. For example, get a hard total of 17 and you will be better off standing regardless of the dealer's face up card. On the other hand, take a hit with a card total of 8 no matter what the dealer has. Simple yet enjoyable so start playing now.

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