Do Good People Gamble?

Several times this week religious people have commented on the evils of gambling. Is gambling something good people should avoid? I don't think so. Like alcohol in moderation, gambling is something responsible people can enjoy without risking their family, finances, or health. Online gaming is meant for entertainment and should be enjoyed responsibly as part of a well rounded and full life, whether that includes religion for you or not.

Don't Be Afraid To Let The Fun In

When I was a kid, I wanted to play Nintendo like all the other kids, but my parent's were nervous of this new technology. Everyone was asking, "are video games evil?" which is just a question about how religion fits into a progressing world. I didn't understand what everyone was so worried about. I was a kid and I wanted to play. I don't know why my parent's decided to get me a console, but I'll never forget when Dad came home with Noah's Ark, The Video Game. I loved that game, and Dad seemed happier when I was playing it over some of the more popular games of the time. I have a lot of fond memories of that game, it is probably the game I placed the most. Noah would run around picking up animals and carrying them above his head and then throwing them into the ark. It was fun, and we all need a little fun in our lives.

Playing slots online is the same as playing video games. It's entertainment meant to let you relax and have fun. Most games have harmless themes like Crazy Pirate slots or Freaky Fruit slots and I've never found one as violent as some of the video games available today. And many casinos, like Lincoln Casino, offer pre-paid cards that will help you manage your budget.

If it's what you enjoy, then set yourself a gaming budget as you would for the purchase of an Xbox game and play in your free time as you like. I still don't see what the fuss is all about.

Try Noah's Ark Slots

You can enjoy the Bible story of Noah's Ark in a new slot powered by WagerWorks software. Noah's Ark Slots has 5 reels and 30 paylines with whimsical characters such as elephants, camels, turtles, birds, giraffes, lions, goats, and alligators all on board Noah's Ark for a ride you are sure to enjoy.

In this game, it's good when the rains come down. Noah's Ark Slot's bonus feature is called the Raining Free Spins bonus. Just watch for the white doves, if 5 or 6 appear on your screen, you win 5 or 10 free spins. Don't worry if you only see 4, in that case, you win 2x your bet. There are two dove symbols, a single bird and a double bird symbol. The symbol with 2 white doves together counts as 2 toward your 5 instead of just 1.

Everything changes when the rains come. Your spins are not only free but the reels have different animals and the pay table changes. Rain pours down over your screen and the animals take shelter under bright umbrellas until all your free spins are spun.

Choose For Yourself

When I first got my Nintendo, my Noah's Ark video game was the one my parents felt the best about me playing. This new slot has taken me back to those days when I just wanted to play. New technologies will always scare some people, and there will always people who will judge something they've never tried. I hope you will keep and an open mind, play Noah's Ark and not let fear make your choices for you.