3 Clowns Scratch

Step right up and scratch your way to substantial winnings with 3 Clowns Scratch cards. This is not a game to ignore because there's a top prize of 10,000x, which means you could win $150,000 within seconds.

Are you looking for a change of pace after spending hours playing bonus game slot machines? Try 3 Clowns Scratch cards. The colorful card looks like a scene from a circus. The big top invites you into the stage lined with a curtain and circus banners. In the center ring, you'll find a 3 by 3 grid of scratch-off boxes.

While you play 3 Clowns, music plays in the background. You may grow tired of the music because it does play the same quick medley on a loop. It's easy to turn off sound, however, so it won't affect your enjoyment. You'll love breaking up the action between casino slot games, by taking a break and trying scratch-off cards.

Game Play

Start by selecting your card price. The price ranges from 25 cents to $25. Once you've set your wager, start scratching off boxes. You want three clowns to appear in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. If this happens, you win.

When you win, a rush of balloons appears on the screen revealing your total winnings. Not every card is a winner, but when you do win, it's an amazing feeling.

Quite honestly, 3 Clowns Scratch takes no skill and requires very little action on your part. Once you've placed your bet, everything else involves clicking squares or the button to reveal all squares. This is what makes the game so much fun. It's not like Aztec Treasure slots where you have to know when to walk way. Purchase a 25 cent scratch-off card and your risk is minimum, but your winning potential is huge.

Head to Your Favorite Casino

Before you play 3 Clowns Scratch, check your favorite Playtech Casino. Earn extra bonuses at no deposit casinos accepting US players. Using a no deposit bonus, you'll have free cash to get you started. If you prefer to practice before playing real money wagers, many video slots casinos offer a practice version of the scratch game.

One thing is for certain, this is a game where winning is easy! You'll find that the clowns line up regularly offering you substantial prizes within seconds. When you're tired and don't want to play free slot machines, download scratch-off cards or play them instantly in a flash casino. If you're ready for something different, play 3 Clowns Scratch and get ready to win.