How Many People Gamble Online

In today's environment, specifically as it relates to the economy, we are currently in a recession. While many people are eating out less, shopping less, and limiting their recreational activities, there is one area that does not seem to be affected an is, quite literally, growing in numbers - online casino gambling. How many people gamble online? According to some estimates, the answer is over 20 million people.

While this may surprise some, at Ladies Slots we have seen an upsurge in the number of online women gamblers; whether it's Bingo, slots, or other casino games available to them online. In general, however, we have also seen a surge of online casinos, most notably those that cater to USA players. With close to 1000 casinos available to online users worldwide, it makes perfect sense that the number of people who gamble online is on the rise.

There is another contributing factor to the number of people gambling online. Most land-based casinos are facing a decrease in visitors. In fact, one land-based casino has decided to join the monopoly of online casinos. Besides the fact they, too, were realizing a decline in revenue - they also had the foresight to launch this new endeavor. If the current online casino gambling law is repealed, you may be witnessing the beginning of a tidal wave of land-based casinos that may also enter the online casino world as well.

In another year, someone may ask us the same question again. By all accounts, the number of people gambling online may far exceed the current estimates by leaps and bounds.