Bodicea: A Woman For Our Time

At Ladies Slots, we recently added an article entitled "Women Can Dominate Casino Games, Too." The article was preceded by a cartoon reflecting our comedic take on an important issue. Due to its rousing success, we have decided to present you with a cartoon-a-month depicting similar situations.

We chose a woman of great strength, a Queen, a warrior, and a legend. A Woman for Our Time! Her name is Bodicea. Many fierce and noble warriors have fought to keep Britain free, but there was one formidable woman in history whose name will never be forgotten - Queen Bodicea.

At the time of the Roman conquest of southern Britain, Queen Bodicea ruled the Iceni tribe of East Anglia alongside her husband King Prasutagus. Bodicea was a striking woman. She was very tall, and the glance of her eye was quite fierce, with a mass of reddish hair falling down to her hips. She was definitely a lady to be reckoned with. In the great battle against the Romans in AD 61, Bodicea and her daughters drove round in her chariot to all her tribes and told them to "Win the battle or perish. That is what I, a woman, will do."

Ladies Slots is proud to introduce a series of cartoons with Bodicea in the leading role. She truly is a woman for our time!