Poker Games Donate to Haiti Disaster

More than a month after the tragic event of the world's largest earthquake ever, even more horrific news still comes out of Haiti. The devastation is unbelievable, lives of individuals and families will never be the same, rubble is still being examined and unfortunately bodies are still being found.

Using what they know to Help

Leading casinos and Poker websites decided to get together and try and raise money in the only way they know how, through gambling. Using Poker Tournaments as their main option for donating, many of the leading poker rooms and casinos are offering tournaments to help the victims of the Haiti disaster. Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker and the Microgaming Poker Network are the main leaders in this generous endeavor and to date have managed to raise over $2 million for the benefit of Haiti health and reconstruction.

Benefit Tournaments

Party Poker decided to run a benefit tournament which ran on February 7th. With a buy in of $50 plus $5, all the registration money went to Haiti. In addition, the management of Party Poker offered to match the money made on registration fees and give it all to Haiti. This provided a great opportunity for players to play their favorite game, still be in with a chance to win but also know that they are doing a good thing by donating to Haiti. Party Poker was accompanies by Full Tilt Poker and other poker websites who have run and are running similar tournaments to help the people of Haiti.

Matched Entry Fees from Many Leading Poker Rooms

The donations have not stopped just at the Poker Party websites, Microgaming also launched an appeal for Haiti on January 20th which is still going. Apart from a benefit tournament with a buy in of $10 + $10 they also offer ongoing opportunities to contribute to the Haiti reconstruction fund. NO one can say that people who play at online casinos and poker rooms don't have a conscience. In terms of leisure industries, the gambling world and in particular, the poker rooms have donated some of the highest single amounts to the benefit and relief of Haiti. So carry on playing Poker and remember all the other people who are more unfortunate that you and carry on donating. No one says you can't have fun, just remember there are others who also need you and give a bit to them too!