Immortal Romance Slots

More than ever people are enjoying online casino gaming around the world. The Internet has offered a great portal for this type of gaming since game play is fun, easy, and the results are instantly revealed. What most people know about online gaming is very basic and the truth is that most online casino games do not require much skill or knowledge which is great for recreational use. Betware is a software and services company that hosts a wide range of software options to online casinos through use of the Internet and through mobile devices.

Betware offers an assortment of different slot games...some are three reels...others are five...some have one pay line...and others have five. Some are progressive jackpot slots and many offer an assortment of bonuses. This is all made possible through the use of Macromedia Flash. Further, Betware can also handle most sports betting, instant and casino games, and lottery but they can also take care of payment handling and other business matters.

Enhancing the package even more, Microgaming gaming software licensed Betware so that they are now able to both market and sell Microgaming casino games while still leading in state lotteries. What you now have is Microgaming, the global leader in online gaming software working with Betware, gaming solution and services vendor giant...nothing could be more promising for online gamers. Betware's licensing blankets the whole kit and kaboodle, casual and multi-player games, sports betting, racing, lotto, instants, and bingo.

Microgaming and Betware look at this venture as a fantastic and profitable opportunity, according to Stefán Hrafnkelsson, Betware CEO. Microgaming is happy to oblige since Betware has been around since 1996, has multiple regional offices across the globe, and bought Danish game developer Certus in 2006, Microgaming feels quite confident in Betware's ability to deliver. The feeling is mutual from Betware's perspective as well since Microgaming is the leader in cutting edge casino software and still growing. Microgaming is constantly adding top of the line games to their portfolio, which is drawing in millions of new customers annually.

Betware customers will benefit by having access to the high quality online casino games that Microgaming delivers as their games will run on top of the existing Betware platform, transactions from QuickFire games will be accessible from within Betware's control center, new games will be added on a regular basis, and the games are easily integrated onto the current system that is in place.