What to Pack For a Weekend Trip to Las Vegas

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Before deciding what to pack for your weekend trip to Las Vegas, it is recommended that you check with the hotel to ascertain what amenities they offer. As with any weekend get-a-way, you will pack according to the type of vacation you intend to have. If you are staying at a luxury hotel, you may want to insure the clothing you bring is appropriate for that hotel. If you are staying off the strip and intend on spending a casual weekend in Las Vegas, then you will pack accordingly. Certainly, what to pack also depends on the time of year you are going to Las Vegas. However, in general, you may want to consider packing these items for your weekend trip.

Finally, don't pack too much. Remember, you're only staying for two nights. Bring two sets of clothing that you can mix and match. You can always buy what you need or forgot to bring when you arrive. Perhaps a new outfit with your winnings!