Heading to the Desert - Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

When deciding where to stay on your next vacation to Las Vegas, a conundrum presents itself. Should you stay on the strip or should you save money and book accommodations off the strip? When I used to travel to Las Vegas, there was one hotel I chose every time - the Flamingo. It is centrally located, fabulous rooms, great pool side garden, and the dress code was very casual. The rates during off season were very reasonable then and still are today running about $59 per night per person. Although I wouldn't regard the Flamingo Hotel as cheap by any means, you still have to decide where to stay if you are heading to the desert. To this end, I have compiled 5 cheap hotels in Las Vegas, all of which are either close to the airport or in downtown Las Vegas.

Plaza Hotel and CasinoPlaza Hotel and Casino: Running approximately $36 per night, the Plaza Hotel is near downtown City Hall. It has a restaurant and bar, fitness center; tennis courts, spa, salon, and the rooms are clean and quite comfortable. Note that there is no room service, but there is a coffee shop across the street from the hotel.

Fitzgerald’s CasinoFitzgerald's Casino: Located in downtown Las Vegas, Fitzgerald's features a restaurant and bar, room service, spa tub, and excellent service. The room rate starts at $27 per night. They do have wireless internet services as well.

Terrible’s Hotel & CasinoTerrible's Hotel & Casino: Don't let the name fool you. Terrible's Hotel received a very high rating from its visitors as it is located in and close to the Marjorie Barrick Museum. It features a restaurant and bar, room service, a fitness center, spa tub, and complimentary service from the airport to the hotel. The rates start at $36 per night.

Royal ResortRoyal Resort: Located near the airport, the Royal Resort as an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and free parking facilities. It is also close to the Guinness World of Records Museum as well as the Fashion Show Mall. With friendly staff on board, this is a quiet retreat for those who need a room for a night or two. The rates start at $69 per night.

The El Cortez Hotel & CasinoThe El Cortez Hotel & Casino: Located downtown, the El Cortez has a restaurant and bar. They offer room service, spa, and hair salon. You will have access to the internet, and there is free parking as well. The rooms are comfortable, and the staff is very friendly. The rates start at $27 per night. The El Cortez was given one of the highest ratings by its visitors.