Women & Men, Venus & Mars Poker Profits and Sexual Politics

Though poker has been in existence for a while, the game has carried with it, the baggage from centuries before. Poker was always considered as a man's game. Many poker players think about the involvement of women in the game. Some ignore, others accept or resent the presence of women in poker games. However, thoughtful players should be oriented towards what they need; how they can get money from the game.

Still, poker world is considered to be male dominated. As if to reflect the male majority, the poker world is infested with many undignified sexism. There's a lot of sexual politics involved in the poker world.

Women entered the poker world much later than men. Though their entry into the poker world was very late, women are much more successful in playing poker than men as a group. Even then, there are successes and failures that happen to women also. Only that, when a group of women lose a game of poker, they lose less per capita than men. Due to the lesser number of women who play today, there is a disproportion in the number of male players in the top player positions. Though that is he case with top-most players, a group of men still play lousily. Women start playing poker at a younger age than men, so the disproportion of men at the top will begin to decline with time.

Currently, it is assumed that more than 80% of poker players are men. From various surveys, it is evident that among the big, long-term losers about 95% are men. At the same time, about 5% of the most successful players are women. Leaving out these two classes, among the rest of the players, women players do much better than the big mass of men.

Mathematical and logical skills go a long way in helping a player to be successful in poker. Some people believe that men are made to have better mathematical and logical skills when compared to women. But, they take up several unwanted habits that counteract any such skill. For example, they smoke, drink and eat more. They are very egoistic and that affects the way they play as well. Women normally do a little bit of study before they take up something. But men are far less competent in these skills. Male players are very aggressive when they play against females. Women players should understand that gender always matters at least in games of poker. Women playing poker will find that several male rivals will relate to them because of the gender, rather than the cards they have with them. This means that they can plan for strategies based on things outside card. In short, the female players should be conscious of the poker world around her consisting of a majority of males, and plan their strategies accordingly, as best suited to the situation, as required. They should build their strategies based on this. Players can always make use of the cheap politics to make money by playing off a male-female dynamic position at a poker table.

There are several such tactics that you could make use of, if you keep looking for them. Players can make profit by relying on sexual politics in poker games.