A Business Trip to Las Vegas - How to Spend Your Free Time

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If you are scheduled to take a business trip to Las Vegas, first of all - lucky! Second of all, you probably won't have much free time during the day. Having been to several business conventions in Las Vegas, I can say without hesitation that they usually occur over a weekend and/or four day period which means most of the time you are in meetings. One way you can enjoy free time is to make a reservation that will give you an extra two days in Las Vegas. If the business meeting runs from a Friday through Sunday, fly into Vegas on Thursday and leave Monday. Of course, you would have to pay for those two extra days but it is well worth it because the airfare will be cheaper.

Stay At a Hotel on the Strip

One of the best ways to incorporate both business and pleasure is to stay at a hotel that is on the strip. In this way, you can book evening shows in advance and possibly catch at least two in one night - a lounge show and one of the headliner shows at your hotel. In addition, if you add two additional days to your business schedule, rent a car for two days so that you can spend your free time taking a drive to Hoover Dam and Lake Meade, take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, get in some shopping time! Another reason to add additional days to your business trip is so that you are well acclimated to the climate and atmosphere of this city; relax before and after the meetings; and get in a little gambling action as well. Mixing business with pleasure is always a good thing!