Poker Player

  1. You can sit here, ma'am!
  2. You are one lucky girl!
  3. Nice going, sweetie!
  4. You are good at bluffing, honey!
  5. You do understand this game, right?
  6. Sit right down here, my girl (as he pats the chair seat)!
  7. Have you been playing poker long?
  8. Guess I'll check to missy over there!
  9. I sure would like to play a game of strip poker with you, babe!
  10. I figured you'd come up with that hand!

Ladies, when you are sitting at a bar and some fellow comes over to you and gives you a "line," you can tell immediately if he is a jerk or if he is someone you'd like to have a drink with. The same applies to poker. Condescending, intimidating, and insulting remarks have no place at the poker table.

Needless to say, there are rules of etiquette that apply not only to men, but to women poker players as well. We suggest that the female counterparts peruse these statements but, particularly, those statements that end with: ma'am, girl, sweetie, honey, missy, babe, or any other variation because a corresponding response may be forthcoming!

There was a time when poker was a male-dominated game. Not any more! Women poker players are steadily growing in number and have become some of the most famous poker players in the world. Most notably is Annie Duke, who would probably have a comeback line for any of the above statements; although we doubt any male poker player would even think of speaking to her in such a manner.

Poker is a game of skill, intelligence, and luck; so it behooves all poker players - men and women - to act accordingly and refrain from using derogatory terms or make blanket statements when engaged in the game.