Poker Dice

Poker is the trend and it won't come as a surprise to find that many game developers would revolve around this game in general. If you're starting to look for something fresh and different but hate moving on to something entirely unfamiliar? Then Poker Dice is just the thing for you. We recommend to play this game at one of the best online casino brands, LibertySlots casino. Before starting to play Poker Dice read our LibertySlots Casino review for information about banking options, bonuses and other promotions.

Object of the Game Poker Dice

Think of playing poker with dice instead of cards and that is what Poker Dice is in a nutshell. Players will roll the dice in order to attain the highest score in the game after completing the scorecard. There would be 13 scoring boxes and game ends only after all are filled with results. Each box would require a combination of dice for good score results. Each combination or category is scored only once such that a player may turn up zero scores in some other categories.

For scoring, aces get scores of one, two for twos, three for threes, four for fours, five for fives and six for sixes. A score of 63 is awarded for this section with 35 bonus points too. Get three of a kind (example is 3-3-3) and the score will be the sum of three values. Same rule applies for four of a kind (example is 5-5-5-5). Full house (three of a kind plus pair) gets credit of 25 points and 50 for five of a kind. Get several five of a kind's for extra 50 points. Do the chance roll and you can add the values of all 5 die. Chance roll is unlike your regular poker hand because a player gets to add all the values of all five die regardless if it comes up as a poker hand combination or not.

Basic Rules

A straightforward yet fun game is what is in store for players of Poker Dice. The game is best played with two up to five players. Instead of a card deck, players will be using five dice with 6 sides. On the game site, you can easily read for yourself information on scoring for various poker hands that merit corresponding scores.

One can easily start getting comfortable while playing this game as it combines the good stuff from both poker and dice. Worry no more about strategies such as card counting when it comes to playing poker because your fate lies in the hand of the dice. Things can get sweeter as you go along.