Ten High Hold Em Poker

A new game has recently taken online gambling by storm. This new game is a variation of Hold em Poker where you get to play them like a regular table game instead of the traditional card game as players usually know them. And speaking of something new, you will be thrilled to find that this game has the feature of side bets that is starting to become a common feature with new game variations that come up. There certainly is no reason to keep wondering about the game as they are now readily available for you to enjoy at anytime. The game is offered by many online casinos, but we recommend to play only at the bests. Read our Liberty Slots Casino review for more information about casino promotions, bonuses and banking system. All of them are Welcome for USA players!.

Table Game Called Ten High Hold em Poker

What makes the game distinct from a regular Hold em game is the ability of players to make a side bet of $1 only and a player may get to win good money in exchange for such a small bet amount with a ten card. The game uses a deck of 52 cards without wild cards. But the bonus turnout is separate from the poker hand played in the game. For easier reference the payout table is displayed on top of the table. And yes, since it's a table game, players will be playing against the house instead of with all other players. This is one game players should hardly miss.

Play Time

The game comes with a deck of 52 cards where jokers are taken out. The object of the game is to win the best poker hand of 5 cards come showdown. Game is simple to follow especially if you have been playing online poker for some time now. It starts with dealing the hole cards for both player and dealer. A card will be burned which triggers the flop getting dealt right after. Another card gets burned again then turn comes. Yet another card will get burned to make way for the river. After these, showdown is up next and either the player collects or loses his bet.

During the game, a player can make three kinds of bets. The first one is the bet for the poker hand one intends to play at that time which is placed inside the Bet circle on the table. Right next to it is a Bonus Bet which triggers the corresponding table of payout. To be eligible for the bonuses, the hole cards must be used by the player. And third would be the Ten Bet. With so many possibilities, one must surely want to join the game.