Red Dog

Marvel no more at the reason why players still find Red Dog a fascinating game. If you are relatively new to the game and have been playing poker for some time now, a welcome change is waiting to be discovered. Give yourself a few minutes to try the game and see how much fun it can be to play and up to how much a player can win from Red Dog. This table game and more other very interesting games for ladies can be found in one of the bests online casino brands (see casinos review): Bovada Casino, Lucky Red Casino, Silver Oak Casino.

Red Dog Introduced

Another name for Red Dog is Yablon or Red Dog Poker which is known as a card game based on chance. It is also another variation of in between or acey deucey. The game uses the usual deck of cards with 52 cards although it may be also played with up to eight decks. As the number of card decks used increases, the house edge decreases correspondingly. A single deck comes with 3.155% of house advantage and goes down to as low as 2.751% with eight decks. In contrast, blackjack house edge increases as the deck of cards used increases.

In this game, only three cards are played at one time and are then ranked according to poker rules where aces are valued highly. Suits will have no relevance to the game. A bet is placed then, two cards are dealt face up. The hand becomes a push when the cards turn out to be consecutive in value where the bet is returned. If the values are equal for both cards, another card is dealt then compared for equal value to get a payout of 11 times the bet. If not, it becomes a push. A spread is determined if the difference between the two cards should be higher than one. The third card will determine the payoff if it happens to fall between the range value of the two cards.

Red Dog Players and Dealer

The game accepts three to eight players where each one takes turn acting as the dealer. The first player to become the dealer is chosen randomly. Prior to dealing, all players put in an ante of the same amount for the pot. The dealer starts dealing five cards for one player at a time. Starting from the left side of the dealer, game goes in clockwise fashion where each one get the chance to bet equal to the ante and as much as the pot value. Who can resist playing with this much at stake?