Scratch Cards

The scratch card is not a new concept and has been around for many years but only recently it has been added to the online casino and has become one of the popular and sought after games. The scratch card is a simple concept and offers a theme with different squares that covered up that relate to the theme. The object of the game is to "scratch off" different squares to try and match symbols that are hidden underneath. Depending on which symbols are matched and what you discover you can potentially win different amounts of money or prizes. Although this is a simple game many players like to experiment with different games before they take the plunge and place real money bets. For this reason it is good to know where and how the play for fun scratch card sites is.

A Whole Page of Instant Scratch Cards at

There are not that many websites that are solely devoted to scratch cards. Most of the scratch card games online can be found within online casinos in the specialty games section. These online casinos do offer you the chance to play for fun any of the games before you place real money bets. At you can find a whole page dedicated to different themed scratch cards all of which you can play for fun with just one click of the mouse. The website is in flash form, there is no need to download the casino or games to your computer. You are given an initial sum of GBP50 to start playing any of the scratch card games offered for fun.

Practice Scratch Cards for as Long as You Want

Once you have chosen which scratch card game you want to play by clicking on it, all that remains for you to do is decide on the amount you want to place as a bet and indicate this on screen. Once this is done you can start clicking on the squares to reveal what is underneath. The games which come in many different themes include a Fruit Frenzy, a Gold Rush game, A Blackjack themed game and a Poker themed game are all easy to play and enjoy. Playing for fun in this way gives you an opportunity to enjoy and discover the magic of the Scratch cards before you place your own cash in bets. Once you are ready to start playing for real money there is an orange button at the bottom of the screen of each game which you can click on - it is the "play for real money" button and you can transfer funds to begin a real money game. At this website devoted to scratch cards, not only do you benefit from the instant access to the fun games but you can also enjoy other casino games too all in fun mode before you start playing real money games.