Black Gold Rush Slots

Black Gold Rush is a traditional slot game from Wager Gaming Technology. Though it has been around for a while, it is not one that we were particularly familiar with, and now that we are, we will be returning frequently. This is a very traditional three reel, single payline game, and its theme is Texas oil.

Texas Style

When you first log on to Black Gold Rush you are faced with a Texas oil man complete with mirrored sunglasses, a ten gallon hat and chomping on a big cigar on the right side of the screen. The left side has a gushing oil derrick and the Black Gold Rush logo. The top center, over the reels, is the pay table, as is normal on these traditional games.

Texas Symbols

The symbols used on this game fit well with the theme of brash Texas oil fortunes. Pegging the low end, there is an Oil Rig, a Bar, an outline of the State of Texas and some big Oil Drums. The higher end symbols include a ten-gallon Cowboy Hat, a Gold Cadillac equipped with steer horns, a triple Dollar Sign and, for the big bucks, a triple drop of Oil.

The Oil drops also serve as wild cards when they show up on the payline, completing any winning combination and doubling the value of the win in which it turns up! The other special symbol is the Oil Rig - it pays double the player's bet back if a single one appears on the payline.

Texas Sized Winnings

Black Gold Rush, like all modern slot games, allows the player to establish the coin value. In this case, as is typical of Vegas Technology traditional style slot games, the coin values may range from 10¢ to $10. The maximum bet is three coins, so it may range from 30¢ all the way up to $30, making this game most suitable for players seeking a moderate level of risk rather than the true high roller.

The jackpot on this baby, when three Oil Drops come up, is a generous 2000 coins, or $20,000 if playing at the maximum coin value. That is, frankly, a pretty typical jackpot, and of itself it does not set this game apart from others. What we found to be extraordinary is the generous regularity with which it pays lower level winnings. Our experience is based on a single play session, and, as any player knows, we have on days and off, but this game was paying and paying! We had an awesome experience in testing it, and really look forward to coming back for more Black Gold!

Strike Oil Now!

We highly recommend this game. It is fun to play and the winnings are copious. So find your favorite Liberty Slots Casino and settle in for some Texas sized action and excitement. Play Black Gold Rush slots for real money now!