Classic Slots

At Ladies Slots, we want to ensure that you have access to all types of slot games. However, we would like to provide you with a table of Classic Slots for your enjoyment. Long ago, a gentleman came up with an idea for a slot machine. This exciting new form of entertainment was catapulted into the type of slot machines we enjoy today. Although "classic" slots still remain with their iconic symbols, a lot has changed. Some feature bonus symbols and all run the gamut in themes. Offering a new player the opportunity to fully appreciate slot machines, coin denominations can range from a penny to $10 or more. But the idea is still the same. Offering lucrative value to its players, many of the newer classic slots encompass progressive jackpots. This adds to the level of play and affords every online player, from the beginner to the experienced, a chance to hit the jackpot. We invite you to review our list of the best classic slots online today and choose your favorites. You might be surprised at just how much fun they could be!