Bonus Casino Games

Bonus casino games come in all sorts of shapes and styles. There are bonus rounds within particular games, there are separate bonuses that are paid out and there are good old fashioned bonuses which are given when you have played a certain amount or achieved a certain status in a game. Whichever types of bonus you come across, you are bound to benefit from the experience as well as enjoy the bonus opportunities that you are given.

Slots Games Offer Endless Bonuses

The most common bonus games that you can find are part of the slots games. These can be bonuses offered in three reel slots with nudges and holds which give you extra chances or there are separate bonus trails where you can win free spins and cash payouts. In addition to these bonus opportunities in three reel slots games you can also find progressive payouts which are most definitely a bonus and these progressive payouts can be at random or when you reach a certain configuration with the symbols that you have on the screen.

Five Reel Bonus Slots

Five reel slots are known for their bonus games which come in a number of different styles and each of these styles can also be complimented by a progressive jackpot that can be randomly awarded or when you reach a certain level or configuration with your symbols. Many of the five reel bonus options you have to work towards and are not a given. There are free spins with multipliers, off screen bonus games where you have to interact to win your bonus prizes and there are multi level bonus games where you work through different levels in order to win more and more prizes. One of the favorite bonus slot games for many players is The Reel Deal slots which is based on the well known TV game show of the same name. In the bonus game you are presented with 36 different suitcases and given a chance to keep what is in one of them or move on to try and win more.

Other Bonus Games at Online Casinos

Bonus casino games are not just limited to the slots games although these are definitely the most prominent bonus games. Many of the other casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Video Pokers and even regular poker games offer bonus opportunities. These bonuses can be in the form of progressive jackpots for achieving a certain configuration or a certain score a number of times in a row. Or the bonuses can be an extra that you bet on and hope to win. Either way the bonus games and bonus opportunities that are presented to you at casinos give you an added opportunity to win more money and reap more benefits from the game you are playing. Where possible you should always look for the games with bonus opportunities as they don't cost more but can offer you a lot more in terms of winning.