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One of the most popular TV game shows is called “Deal or No Deal.” Conversely, one of the most popular slot games at online casinos is called Reel Deal Slots, based on the TV show. If you’ve seen the show, you are going to want to play the slot game.


Deal or No Deal: How to Play The Game

There are 26 numbered briefcases that are held by 26 lovely ladies on stage. Each briefcase contains a card denoting a dollar amount. The contestant picks one briefcase he or she thinks has the $1,000,000 in it. Then the game begins. The money board lists the denominations from $1 to $1,000,000. The contestant has to choose one briefcase at a time hoping to clear the smaller denominations first. If, however, he or she chooses a briefcase with a high dollar amount, then the contestant is given the opportunity to make a deal by giving up the briefcase in her possession and accepting the dollar amount offered. There is a red button in front of the contestant. If he or she accepts the deal, the button is pressed; if not, the contestant yells out “No Deal.” The lid on the red button is closed, and the contestant continues selecting briefcases. This process repeats itself after each round.

Reel Deal Slots: Game Facts

Reel Deal Slots is a 5-reel, 20 payline bonus video slot game with 29 winning combinations. The jackpot is 10,000 coins, and the coin size ranges from five cents to $10. The maximum bet is $200. The Gold Bar is the wild symbol, and the Red “Deal” Button is the scatter symbol. There are two bonus features: A free spins bonus on the reels during regular play, and a bonus round. To get 15 free spins during regular play, you need to get 3 scatter symbols. To activate the multi-level pick a box (briefcase) game, you need to get 3 Briefcase symbols.

The Object of the Game

Once you activate the bonus round, you will have a chance to select the Briefcase that you think contains the highest dollar amount.

The Ins and Outs of Reel Deal Slots

The Bet Max Button: The Bet Max button allows you to bet the maximum number of pay-lines present in the game, and starts spinning the reels. Once this button is pressed, a Coin bet is placed on each and every pay-line and reels will automatically start spinning. The maximum amount of coins you can bet for this game is 20. This is the most recommended way to play slots – always bet the maximum amount to yield the highest payout!

The Paytable: Click on the paytable button so that you can review the payout structure before playing the game. Read all the information so that you are completely familiar with the symbols and what is needed to win!

Activating the Bonus Round

The bonus game is activated when 3 Briefcase symbols appear on any active pay-line. The bonus round will cover the entire casino window and all casino buttons such as Lobby will be disabled until this game is completed. Bet Max (betting on all pay-lines) is not a requirement for getting a bonus game. As long as the 3 Briefcase symbols land on any of the active pay-lines, the bonus game will launch.

How to Play the Bonus Round

When the bonus game begins, you will need to choose a briefcase from a selection of 26 Briefcases. This will be your Briefcase. (Remember how the Deal or No Deal TV game show begins!) In subsequent rounds, you will be asked to open a number of Briefcases. The banker will make a cash offer after each round to buy your Briefcase. Amount offered by the banker will depend on remaining cash prizes present in the remaining un-opened Briefcases.

If you choose to take the Banker's offer at the end of any round, the game will end and the banker's offer will be your payout. At this point, the bonus game is finished and your prize is final, but you will still get a chance to see what's in your initial briefcase. This feature is present just to show you if the decision you took to take the Banker's offer at this point was correct.

What Happens During the Bonus Round?

Just like in the TV game show, you will see 26 models holding 26 numbered briefcases. You will be asked to select a briefcase. This is the briefcase you believe holds the grand prize. There will then be 10 rounds of play following your first selection. The rounds work in this way: Round 1 – Open 6 Briefcases ; Round 2 – Open 5 Briefcases Round 3 – Open 4 Briefcases; Round 4 – Open 3 Briefcases; Round 5 – Open 2 Briefcases; Round 6 – Open 1 Briefcase; Round 7 – Open 1 Briefcase; Round 8 – Open 1 Briefcase; Round 9 – Open 1 Briefcase; and Round 10 – Pick a Briefcase.

The Briefcase: Take It or Leave It!

After a box is opened, the amount present in this box will be grayed out in the left/ right hand side panel containing potential prize amounts, and the model carrying the Briefcase will disappear. The banker will make an offer after each round ends. You can accept the banker's offer by pressing the “Take It” button. You can reject the banker's offer by clicking on the “Leave It” button. Your decision to Take It or Leave It cannot be changed once made. If you decide to accept the banker's offer by clicking "Take It,” the bonus game ends. You will still get a chance to look at the prize in your Briefcase which you traded for the Banker's offer. When only the last two Briefcases are left, you will be asked to open either one Briefcase. The prize that is revealed will be your winnings.

Will you be the one who selects the right briefcase? Play now and find out!

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