Bonus Slots

When players see bonus rounds, what easily comes to mind is that it means extra chance to get win more than what you can possibly get from a regular game. And this is one of the reasons why players keep coming back to slot machine games that have bonus rounds. You'll never know when that lucky symbol would come up on your screen and initiate the bonus round right then and there.

Games with Bonus Rounds

There is a good list of slot games you should keep playing to be able to play the bonus round:

As you can see, these games happen to be some of the most popular slot games among women too for obvious reasons.

Bonus Round Triggers

You're probably thinking now, so what should I do to be able to trigger those bonus rounds from these games? Like many other slot machines, you will have to bet and hit Spin with your mouse to be able to launch the game. In the process, you are setting yourself up for a win with possible combinations that can come up with every activated payline.

Bonus rounds come up automatically once a player sees the reels stop on a particular symbol that indicates a bonus round. Regular game is interrupted and continues only after the bonus round is completed. The rule indicates that bonus game starts as soon as the Bonus symbol comes up on center payline following a 3 coin bet. In 5 Reel slots, seeing the Bonus symbol on reels 2 and 4 on an active payline disables the regular game to make way for the bonus round. Sometimes should no less than 3 Dollar signs come up on any reel the bonus round starts. Find out more about activating the bonus rounds but I think you get the idea.

Download casino software and Play your favourite Bonus Slots Games

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