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At Ladies Slots, we understand that one of the most frustrating aspects of playing online slots is trying to find a game you can practice play. This essentially means finding free slot machines online. While there are dozens of sites that offer free play, they are not associated with any one casino; they just have a slot machine available for potential online players to practice on. Although this may be fine for some, players who want to experience the full range of features playing slots are left wanting.

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However, there is one casino that not only allows you to play free slot machines, but sample free casino games as well - Bovada Casino. With just two clicks, I was able to practice play Cleopatra's Gold free slot machine with free spins! This was not only exciting, but allowed me to become fully engaged in the game. Reading the paytable gave me information on the special features of the game, and was even given a $1000 balance to begin playing. This is what online casino players need; a casino that offers them the opportunity to sample a variety of games so that can best determine if the casino is one in which they would gladly join. In addition, after I sampled Cleopatra's Gold, I moved on to Fruit Frenzy Slots. This was another practice session involving free fruit machines, and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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How to Find Free Slot Machines Online

As new players join the ranks of online casinos, the first prerequisite is finding a casino that has is well-established, experienced, offers a wide variety of games, has superb customer support, and can easily be downloaded or, in most cases, feature the instant play feature. To find such a free games casino can be a daunting task. Sure, you can look up play free slot machines in any search engine, and more often than not you are taken to an obscure site that features a slot machine you can play. But it's not an online casino site. So too, if you do find a casino link that says play free slot machines, the truth is you get a picture of the slot machine and nothing else. While it is very nice to view the slot game, it is not the same as having the chance to play it!

Free Casino Games at Bovada

So when you look for free slot games, we strongly recommend that you first go to Bovada. There you can practice play as many casino games as you choose. Ladies Slots is in the business of providing you with as much information as possible in order to make your gaming experience a pleasurable and enjoyable one. Thus, we are honest in our assessment of online casinos, and offer you tips and suggestions on how you can best proceed in finding an online casino for you.

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So ladies, if you want to play free slot machines or free casino games, the best online casino that allows you to play for free and as long as you desire is Bovada.