Video Slots Game

There is a huge variety of slot machines available for you to play online at world class casinos like Lincoln Casino and Bovada Casino. Sometimes the wealth of choices at your fingertips can be overwhelming. Never fear! While there are some differences all slots work on the same basic principles and you can easily switch from one to the next without having to learn a whole new way of playing.

Step By Step Guide

First, join an Online Casino like Lincoln Casino or Bovada and load your account. Then pick a slot that appeals to you and read the Pay Out Table. When you understand what all the symbols mean, you are ready to place your bet. Now choose your credits per payline and then choose how many paylines you'll have active during you spin. Set the reels spinning.

Learn The Buttons

When you load your Video Slot of choice, you will notice a range of different buttons with different uses and purposes. Although some brands have variations of names for these buttons; they will serve the same basic purposes.

The first buttons you should notice are the betting buttons. These buttons will give you a chance to choose how much you want to play per payline. There are generally smaller buttons near the bottom center of the screen in the back row. Whether you play one payline or many, these buttons will dictate your bet per line. There will be a range of betting options you can choose from. Remember that this is not your total bet, but your bet per payline.

Look for the front row of buttons close to the betting buttons. These allow you to choose how many paylines you will play. It is best to play all paylines in any slot to increase your chances to win, but the payline buttons allow you to increase or decrease the amount of paylines you play. If you choose to play all paylines - which is recommended - then you can ignore these buttons and pay attention to the Bet Max button which will be near them. This button automatically bets the maximum number of coins for all the paylines and starts the reels spinning.

Also in the front row of buttons you'll find The Cash / Collect button, the Spin button, and in some cases The Auto-Play button, a Help / View Payouts button or the Pay Table button. Spin begins the game. Auto-Play will repeat your set bet for either a set amount of spins or until you click an Auto Off button. The Cash / Collect is how you collect your winnings and the Help / View Payouts will take you to additional screens of game information

Learn the Symbols

The symbols are the greatest variant you will come across in Online Video Slots. All Video Slots available are based on a theme and that theme dictates what the different symbols will be. In Kitty Glitter Slots, for example, the Symbols are types of cats. The Kitty Glitter Symbol acts as a Wild, which will substitute for all the other symbols to help you win. Other symbols include Persian and Tortoise-Shell felines as well as a Siamese and three other playful felines! Kitty Glitter Slots features stacked symbols which leads to the big wins! If you get three Bonus Symbols then you will be taken to the Kitty Glitter Bonus Round. The Bonus Symbol possibilities could earn you as many as 225 free spins!

Read The Pay Table

Because every Video Slot game has its own symbols and variations on the basic game play, they generally provide a Pay Table that will show you in a chart what combinations you need to win and if there are any special symbols you should be aware of. Pay Table can be accessed by a button often on the top front of the game above the screen or on the lower panel below the screen or on the screen itself and is accessible through a View Payouts, Help or Pay Table button.

It is a good idea before you play any new game to view the Pay Table so you know what each symbol means. This will make the game more enjoyable as well as give you information you need regarding the games payouts, the bonus features and betting requirements. If you need to play The Maximum Bet in order to qualify for the top jackpot, The Pay Table will let you know.

Play The Bonus Game

Many Video Slots have a Bonus Game which the Pay Table will tell you about. The TV game show phenomenon, Deal or No Deal, is the bases for the bonus Game available for you in Real Deal Slots. The Reel Deal Bonus Round is a great example of the Bonus games because winning is guaranteed. It plays just like the TV show and is activated by 3 Briefcase symbols on any active payline. Choose a briefcase from a selection of 26 and in subsequent rounds, open a number of Briefcases. The banker offers you cash after each round to buy your Briefcase. Choose either to take the Banker's offer or play another round. Continue until all the cases are open or you sell your case to the Banker and then you return to the regular game.

If you do get confused, then the online casino staff at top casinos will be happy to answer any questions you have.