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While Ladies Slots strives to bring you the very best in online slot games, we also realize that some of these slot games are not open to US players. Take for instance our review of Kitty Glitter Slots. This slot game is not open to US players but is only available at two non US casinos. Needless to say, online players from around the world visit our site and we want to be fair to all slot enthusiasts. However, our main focus is on you, the online player from the US!


Best Slots for US Players

Download and Play  Cleopatra’s Gold SlotsWe have always put RTG casinos above all the rest because they offer some of the best slot for US players. One of them is Cleopatra’s Gold Slots, a slot game that, according to our research, is the most played slot game online. Cleopatra’s Slots have evolved from those found at land-based casinos and have made their way to online casinos offering you the opportunity to win huge payouts. No other slot game has garnered more attention online than Cleopatra’s Gold Slots. It’s exciting to play, very user-friendly, creatively designed with some of the most stunning graphics and sounds, and the bonus game is fantastic!

US Casinos Offer the Best of Everything!

In addition, RTG casinos have increased in number, thereby offering you more exciting slot games than ever before. Along with the best slots online, RTG casinos offer some of highest welcome bonuses online, fabulous promotions, superb customer support, and one of the most highly regarded banking methods ever designed for US players – the prepaid gift card payment option.

Play Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slots

Although the Kitty Litter slot may be a great slot game for non-US players, Ladies Slots highly recommends Cleopatra’s Gold Slots. It has always been and will continue to be the number one choice among US players. If you are an online player from the US, you can be assured that Ladies Slots has your best interests at heart, which is why we invite you to play Cleopatra’s Gold Slots at our RTG Casinos. If you’ve never played it before, you can do so in flash or by downloading the casino version. Every one RTG casinos gives you that choice! So why wait………play Cleopatra’s Gold Slots now!

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